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What can the Christian Church do to heal our land?
It is time that we take responsibility for what has happened in our "One Nation Under God." The Lord has shaped this nation by hand, and left His fingerprints. He put in place to steward this nation ... US! We cannot blame unbelievers or sinners, politicians or communists ... anybody else. If you want to do something about it, if you want to bring this nation which the Lord hath made back to what He made it do do, then please contact us using the form below.
News » Ask what we must do to be saved?
The Blessing ....

Dateline: 21 December 2020:

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The question is: What can we, the Christian Church in the United States of America, do to save our nation?

The answer is: We must do what our Father and our Lord and our God Jesus Christ has ordered us to do.

Ask us how you can help ...
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