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A clean, spacious single page theme with a lot of atmosphere and bite to it. Please note that not all the text areas use filler text — in various places we explain how this design was constructed. Let’s start with navigation items on the top right. They take the visitor to a specific section of the page by linking to the ID of a row. A small Javascript snippet pasted in the head section on the settings pane takes care of the smooth scrolling. (The code snippet in the footer fixed an IE 11 bug that negatively influences scrolling when using background images.) To view this in action click Preview on… in the toolbar above, which launches the default browser.

The ‘back-to-top’ button on the right bottom of the screen takes the visitor back to the navigation menu. This button uses a fixed positioning with 20px right and bottom coordinates that ‘pin’ it into position.


The images below scale up on hover. This can be done on the effects section of the design pane. A transition is used to smoothen the effect. Basically this is done for all hover related changes when possible. The stickers are put on the images using a negative margin and rotate upon hover.

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Mouse hover for interactions

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Tips & Reservations

Please book a vacation and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact at info@blackforrest.com or call at 1-866-555-5555

We're always willing to help out. Contact us if you don't see the dates you're looking for!

















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What our guests are saying

"What a wonderful time we had, every day brought something different! My favorite was feeding the wolves!"

— Jacques B.

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All images used in this theme are neatly organized in the resources manager, available through the toolbar above. Etiam mollis, dolor ac malesuada volutpat, lorem est sollicitudin nisi, a vestibulum mi diam a velit. Duis cursus, nisl eget imperdiet sodales, diam lacus ultrices nisi, a malesuada elit metus sit amet urna.

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