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A clean, spacious single page theme with a lot of atmosphere and bite to it. Please note that not all the text areas use filler text — in various places we explain how this design was constructed. Let’s start with navigation items on the top right. They take the visitor to a specific section of the page by linking to the ID of a row. A small Javascript snippet pasted in the head section on the settings pane takes care of the smooth scrolling. (The code snippet in the footer fixed an IE 11 bug that negatively influences scrolling when using background images.) To view this in action click Preview on… in the toolbar above, which launches the default browser.

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This contact form is safe and your information is NOT on the cloud..
The website is SSL-Secured using 128-Bit Encryption. The information you submit is sent via SSL-Secured MX-Mailer servers directly to our LOCAL computers: and is immediately deleted from web-based servers = nothing on the Internet to hack,"share" or to market.

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Contact us

The only information required is your name and E-Mail account.
You may use rhe name "anonymous me" . . . or whatever you like.
You may use ANY E-Mail account which works . . . even 'throw-away' temporary accounts from the American Paid Liars and Traitors (i.e. Facebook.com, Google, Microsoft & cetera).

After you select the Send Message button,
     you will receive a reply which will include other means of
     contacting us, more secure than the Internet.
     » You will receive phone numbers, secure / private e-accounts and so forth.
     » Then, if you wish, you may delete the "throw-away" e-mail account you are using in this form.

p.s. this domain name may be for sale. We will provide you with full administrative access to the Registrar account and will transfer it to whatever Registrar Account you specify.
Other Domain Names which may also be available for either professionals or normal people include:

     » facebooknot.com 
     » bad-twitter.com 
     » twitter-not.com 

If you wish, we will also provide to the Lovers of the Truth the following services . . .

» Free webhosting . . . with NO advertising or "branding" = NOTHING except what you put there.

» Unlimited E-Mail accounts, 128-bit SSL-Secured.

» Free SSL-Certificate . . . in perpetuity.

» We will also install any type of CMS, application, allowing "team administrators" if you wish.

A short list of what is available:
Content Management Systems: WordPress, Contao, Drupal, ClassicPress, CMS Made Simple, Composr CMS, Concrete5 (vastly superior to WordPress) et cetera.
Portals: Joomla and others.
Blogs: b2evolution, Dotclear, Geeklog, LifeType, PivotX, Serendipity, Textpattern etc.
Only a few examples of other applications: bulletin boards, guestbooks, and mailing list applications, shopping carts. Customer Relationship Managers (CRM), customer support systems, and project managers; image galleries and others for music, videos, and other multimedia; Contact forms, clocks, e-cards, URL shorteners; Surveys and Statistics applications includes different statistical applications that enable website traffic to be monitored and analyzed, and polling and survey applications . . . and many more.

For a full list of server-side applications available,
   which we will install for lovers of the Truth 
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