Not Fake News ... this is who Facebook really is.

Facebook has (apparently) decided to side with the murderers, liars and thieves; while punishing the good and the true and the faithful.
     » Way to go FB!
     » Now we know exactly whose side you are on, who you serve: Evil in every of its Internet-incarnations on the Earth.

What is Journalism?
     » Just for any person who may still be a interested in *real journalism* ... as opposed to all of the "popular Paid LIars" masquerading as journalists in every "legacy media" today ... here is the short-code for "What is Jounralism?"
Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?
That's it, the five Ws and an H.

The story remains the same, here is the "short version" (the long version goes back for thousands of years: today is just one more instance of the #TalkingSerpant seducing low-IQ people into believe its obvious lies).

77 MILLION members of this Facebook Pray-for-Isreal Group.
Yes, that is 77,000,000 good and honest and true people from all over the world ... which consists primarily of Christians and Jews, but also includes 18 million Muslims.

Facebook shut down its Pray-for-Isreal Group.

After an unprecedented avalanche of ANTI-SEMITIC COMMENTS [comments made OTHER Facebook Users, NOT BY MEMBERS of this group]
... suddenly appeared on the group's page,
... at the exact same time that thousands of Hamas missiles were launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel ... attempting to MURDER any Jew or Arab or anybody; women and children, private citizens ... even its own followers! = They do not care about LIFE, they are only about gaining worldly power + money + followers so that they can MURDER more INNOCENT people.
Those "comments" appeared on May 13, when the Pray-For-Israel group's comment section suddenly exploded with anti-Semitic hate.

Here is the timeline:
YES: this Humanitarian Facebook Group was ASSAULTED by Anti-Semites.
YES: The "Knuckle Heads" at Facebook JOINED IN with those Anti-Semites!
YES: The soft-brained, Anti-Educated "experts" employed by Facebook made the CONSCIOUS decision to:
     » CANCEL the victims!!
     » thus continuing to ENCOURAGE Anti-Semite comments!
Brilliant Idiots, are they not?

Everywhere ... including any "platform" which **The Chief Knuckle Head In Charge** (m. zuc****erg) has control ... including Facebook and every evil sprout from the his evil and ignrorant, spongy-soft-brained, uneducated knuckle head.

Facebook REFUSES to say why ... which leaves us only with the well-documented hateful and racist nature of Facebook's towards those of Jewish descent: "Facebook officials REFUSE to explain why they SHUT DOWN a page with more than 77 million followers..."

Without notice, without warning, without any explanation of this patently obvious, prima facie evidence of FB's Anti-Semite and Anti-Christ, paganistic worship of the father of all lies.

What can I do?
     » If you wish, please submit a comment at "We are NOT Facbeook. We do not worship evil or serve lies."
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The sun is setting on Facebook.